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        iPhone + Android

        Build app for both iOS and Android using this single Magento 1 & Magento 2 extension.We support native Swift, native Android app and React native with source code.. Mofluid even allows you to create different look and feel for both platforms.


        Custom Themes

        Upload your own logo, banner and splash screens. Reflect your brand with your own color scheme for background, header and default text, button, etc

        Multiple Payment Options

        With Mofluid magento mobile app extension you can choose from multiple payment options. You can enable all or any of the available options – Paypal, Authorize.net, COD,See all

        Mofluid – Magento 1 & Magento 2 Mobile app extension works with basic Magento features. We support native Swift IOS & native Android source code. Our entry level plan also supports React native based mobile app.

        But if you have built your Magento site with custom features we do have a solution for you…

        Payment Gateway

        Your shopping app will come embedded with the payment gateways offered by Magento. Let us know if need more payment gateways.


        The Mofluid plug-in seamlessly integrates your existing shipping methods in your app.

        Product Catalogue

        Mofluid magento mobile app extension has integrated a number of functionalities to enable you to manage your products in your shopping app.

        User Account Management

        Optimize user experience and build satisfying relationship by utilizing functionalities to manage your user accounts in an effective manner.


        The Mofluid plug-in allows you to instantly create your shopping app for both Android and iOS (iPhone & iPad).


        Any changes on the website to the Product categories, Catalog updates, Orders and Customers profile are reflected onto your shopping app.


        Mofluid magento mobile app extension turns your mobile visitors into more sales. Make your customers fall in love with your brand using Mofluid. See demo in action.



        Still don’t have an app for your ecommerce store?


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